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Hosted on Top-Quality Servers

Our servers are built from the ground up to be reliable, super-fast, flexible, and fault-tolerant. We use Intel Celeron, Pentium II , & Pentium III CPUs. 21 Web Street Unix servers run the Red Hat Linux™ operating system. Unix web server software is the latest release of the Apache web server software (see, the #1 choice of servers world-wide (see Survey Results).  Our connections to the Internet include multiple redundant T3 connectivity thru three major backbone providers, Qwest™/Icon™ and PSINet™. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to maintain near-zero down times.

Static IP Address

A static IP address means the IP address (the number of your site) never changes. Most ISP providers use virtual IP addressing, which means the IP number is shared amongst all users on the server. Your site is only browse able via the domain name in such cases. A static IP address provides your site with a never-changing solid address, which allows you to use it when FTPing files, pinging your site, etc. The only disadvantage of a non-static IP, is that browsers older than version 1.0 cannot access the site (less than .025% in usage), and the site cannot have additional "user ftp accounts". Once in awhile, your static IP may change, but this will not happen unless we are moving your accounts to another server, or during network upgrades. Please review the hosting packages to see which 21 Web street hosting packages come with Static IP addresses.

Unlimited Hits/Visitors

Most hosting providers give you a limit on how many visitors can come to your site every month. If your visitors go above this limit, you would be charged a fee for each visitor hit above this. 21 Web street does not believe in punishing our customers for their site's success, especially when it's not really within their control. We keep our connections to the Internet wide enough to handle almost any web site, no matter how popular. We hope every customer has the 'problem' of too many hits to their site, as this is usually the measure of success! If our pipe to the Internet becomes near capacity because of successful busy sites, we just open it wider, as needed. Bandwidth to your site will never be a concern you have to worry about! 21 Web street allows generous portions of bandwidth with your site every month. Please review the hosting packages to see how much bandwidth is available with each 21 web street hosting package. Accounts that go over that usage level will be charged the current rate per Gigabyte over their monthly allocation.

Unlimited Email Aliases, Forwarding

An Email alias means if you send mail to, that address is aliases to whomever needs to receive it. It can be one person or multiple people, however you need it structured. Email forwarding is when you have an email account on another server, like your dial-up ISP. In this case, an address like '' is directed out (forwarded) to another server, so you receive it like your other email.

21 Web street gives you direct control of your email aliases, forwarding and auto responders. All email can be configured with the click of a few buttons thru your 21 Web Street Browser Control Panel. And don't forget, you have unlimited aliases and forwarding, unlike almost every other hosting provider. 21 Web street does not charge you anything, no matter how many you need!

Unlimited Auto responders

An auto responder is similar to an alias, but it also will send an automatic reply back to the sender. So, when you send email to '', our email server will send an email back to you automatically, containing the text you specified. It also sends the message to, so you can respond if it looks like I need to. This is controlled via the 21 Web street Browser Control Panel as well. And again, unlike most of our competition, it's free, and unlimited.

Unlimited CGI Access

CGI scripts (Common Gateway Interface) are used to provide things like counters, form responses, guest books, and many other things. The difference at 21 web street is we give you full CGI access, you don't have to wait around for us to 'approve' your scripts. You can write your own, install someone else's, or have us install one of our scripts for a nominal fee.  And if you create a 'bad' script that uses too much system resources, don't worry, we have a system monitor that will keep your CGI under control. We offer cgi script installation like counters, form processors, and more. You can also install any other CGI script to do things like banner rotators, mailing list managers and anything else you want. You have unlimited use of the CGI bin and you can do as you wish on it.

Unlimited Real Audio/Video Serving

When Real Audio first came out, it required an audio server to be installed on the web server.  This was because Real Audio wanted to charge for each 'stream', or visitor, that wanted to hear some cool music.  Well, the Internet community didn't like that too much, and people started writing competing audio streaming technology that didn't require a server!  Well, to compete, Real Audio now does not require a server, and even you can use their tools to create streaming audio over the Internet. 

Unlimited Secure Server Access

Encryption is very important when taking credit card numbers, or posting personal or confidential information over the Internet. Although it's way more likely for someone to steal your credit card number when you order over the telephone, we still offer you full, unlimited access to our secure server. By using our server's certificate, you save hundreds of dollars because you don't need a certificate of your own. And, we don't charge extra for this, because we're not getting charged for the transactions! We also offer the option to install you own personalized SSL Certificate. Visit other hosting sites and see how much they charge if you want full SSL secure server access! A lot!

Telnet/FTP Account

Every web site has a Telnet/FTP account included, so you can log in with your user name and password, and update your site anytime you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can even setup additional user FTP accounts* for your site if you have multiple people updating subdirectories and you need control over who has access to what. You can telnet in to create and test CGI scripts, or use FTP to transfer your web site files. Individual email (POP3) users can telnet in and use "pine" to check their email.
* Not available on IPless based accounts

Anonymous FTP Server

We setup an anonymous FTP server for your site, so you can publish files or other information, and even accept incoming files anonymously. While other providers may charge for this service, we provide it as a standard feature! This features comes pre-set up, but can be disabled if you require such.

Account Stats

Some providers give you access to your raw log files. Some providers create a text report that summarizes this information showing how many people visited you site this week or month, and what the most popular pages were. And some providers charge you for a graphical representation of these log files, which is much easier to understand. 21 Web street provides you with full text and graphical stats, for free! The stats provide a up-to-the-minute statistics in heavy detail of all the access to your site. 21 Web street also provides you with access to your actual log file upon request.

Microsoft® FrontPage™ Support

We offer Microsoft® FrontPage™ support, and have had Microsoft® visit our site to verify our FrontPage™ Extension support! We offer FrontPage™ to you, with zero setup fees or monthly storage fees, as a service that helps differentiate us from our competitors. While FrontPage™ does take up additional space and we must configure FrontPage™ for you to use on our server, we believe it's worth the trouble, because FrontPage™ makes designing a full-featured web site pretty easy compared to hand-coding this stuff! Which means our customer's that want to use FrontPage™ will probably value this feature a lot. FrontPage™ 1997, 1998 & 2000 editions supported. Don't forget, we offer FrontPage™ extensions at no extra charge upon request!

HTTP Password Protected Pages

We again give you full control over setting up password protected directories, and what kind of error messages it displays. You can set up a password protected directory that only you or your family can view, like family photos! This is an important feature if you are setting up a membership site, and only want to allow visitors with valid passwords to enter a specific part of your site.

Scripting Languages

Unix: We support various languages for CGI and database development. Perl is the dominant language for writing CGI scripts (Version 5.05x installed), MySQL is a relational database system. 21 Web street supports most standard languages, like HTML, VRML, Java, C++, TCL, Python, JavaScript, PHP3.  21 Web street will install most additional modules if you require such.

Server Side Includes

Unix: Server Side Includes are special HTML files that get read and processed by the server before being transmitted to your browser. They usually have an extension of .shtml instead of .html. When the file is read in, the server searches for any commands it recognizes, and does things like search-and-replace, file insertion, or execute a CGI. The output of any SSI command is merged into the HTML page, and then delivered to your browser. It is similar to including JavaScript, but is not browser dependant, and can do many things that are specific to server functions.

Browser Control Panel

You have all the control over your website and features** right in front of you. You do not have to wait for our Support Team to set up an email account or auto responder for you. Just log in to your Control Panel thru any browser, with your current username and password, and manipulate your entire account. Check your stats, setup email forwards and auto responders and alot more.

Unlimited Technical Support

21 Web Street offers unlimited Technical Support via email, phone, & ICQ (Real Time Chat & Messaging) (ICQ#63688794) to all of our clients... An Online User Manual is available and quite detailed. 21 Web street provides 24/7/365 Toll-Free Technical Support at 1-877-495-5172.
Sometimes even when you've read the F.A.Q. three times and it looks right, something can still not work for a small, non-descriptive reason. That's when you email us, the "experts", to take a look. Don't hesitate to ask us questions, we are always happy to help you. That's what we're here for, to help you...

Internic Fees/Domain Registration

ICann is the official keeper of domain names in the .com, .net, .org, .gov, and .edu top level domains. They process, approve, and deny the registration of these domains, and they charge a small fee for doing so, in a futile attempt to slow down the 'gobbling' up of every cool domain name under the sun. 21 Web street currently charges $50 total for the first two years, and $25 per year after that. This fee covers a new registration, and an unlimited number of transfers between web providers. If your domain name changes hands, then it is considered to be deleted by the old owner, and newly registered by the new owner, which again must pay the $50 for the first two years. It also covers updates to the contact database, which stores the names and addresses of domain owners. You will receive a separate bill for new domain registrations, and a separate invoice from us for the hosting services we provide.  You may be billed by 21 Web Street for the new registration, or directly from an ICann Registrar, depending on 21 Web street's current registration partners. If you are simply transferring a domain from another web hosting service, you need not pay to transfer the domain to the 21 Web Street service.

We also accept all foreign globally viable domain names.
For example:
  • .au
  • .mx
  • .uk
  • .de
  • .cc
You will have to register these with the foreign NIC service in your country, for we cannot be expected to speak all these languages. However, we will supply you with all the information that you need to register the domain name.

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