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Website Promotion

Our basic one time web site promotion which comes standard with all of our web hosting/design packages, will list your main page or up to ten of your pages on 2500+ of the top search engines, depending on which package you choose. This will serve your site's initial goal to become listed so that when people search for products, services or information on the internet and insert key words or phrases and your company falls into that search query, guess who is going to show up in front of them on the results page?  Your business, we hope!

We don't mean to sound so negative, but it is not as easy as it sounds to become listed at a high ranking in the search engines. It takes a very aggressive approach and frequent submission to the search engines and other link pages such as ffa, awards pages, press releases just to name a few.  The reason you need to update is quite simple.  After a while (usually every 1-3 months or so) your listing on the search engines will begin to fall on the rankings or fall off all together.  The reason for this is due to the fact that their are billions of web pages and more are going up every day.  The search engine spiders will go out and find the sites that do not list themselves and in turn will post them according to there keywords, description and/or the sites popularity ranking (how many other sites are linked to that site).  If this sounds all to confusing, it is because it takes know-how and a lot of time and patience in order to successfully promote and market a web site.

21 Web Street can do this for you with our professional website promotion package!  Take a look below to see what this package consists of.

Key Features

  • We will build custom meta tags on up to 10 of your web site pages.

  • We will submit those 10 pages to 2500 search engines, ffa link pages, awards pages, press releases etc. etc.

  • Having 10 pages submitted will give you 10 times the exposure.

  • We will monitor your website on a monthly basis, to see how it is ranking.

  • We will submit your 10 pages once a month and also make alterations to your meta tags if needed.

  • We will email you a copy of your search engine rankings, so that you can see for yourself how effective and important our strategy is to your business!

This is by far the best and most inexpensive website promotion and submission service available.

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Please contact us at: 847-475-7934 or email us at sales@21webstreet.com